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Welcome to Nicodemus Camps!

Established in 2007

We offer the Veryl Switzer/KSU MANRRS AG Camp for Youth 5th - 12th grades

The Lil' Seedling Camp for Youth 1st-5th grades


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         Switzer/KSU Agriculture Camp for Youth: Goals and Outcomes


1. Exposure to Agriculture: Introduce inner-city youth to the diverse field of agriculture, encompassing various majors and career paths.
2. Educational Engagement: Provide hands-on learning experiences that highlight agricultural practices, sustainability, and conservation.
3. Cultural and Historical Awareness: Educate participants about the historical significance of Nicodemus and the contributions of BIPOC farmers to agriculture.
4. Skill Development: Develop practical skills in farming, fishing, horseback riding, and completing 4-H projects related to conservation and sustainability.
5. Community Building: Foster a sense of community and teamwork among participants through shared activities and group projects.
6. Inspiration and Motivation: Inspire youth to consider agricultural studies and careers by showcasing successful BIPOC farmers and agricultural professionals.


1. Increased Awareness: Participants will gain a broader understanding of agriculture, including its modern practices and career opportunities.
2. Practical Skills: Youth will acquire new skills in farming, fishing, horseback riding, and completing conservation and sustainability projects.
3. Historical Knowledge: Campers will learn about the history and cultural significance of Nicodemus, enhancing their appreciation for BIPOC contributions to agriculture.
4. Interest in Agriculture: Increased interest among participants in pursuing agricultural majors and careers as a result of their exposure to the field.
5. Enhanced Teamwork: Improved teamwork and collaboration skills through group activities and projects.
6. Personal Growth: Participants will experience personal growth and increased confidence from trying new activities and overcoming challenges.
7. Sustainable Practices: Youth will understand the importance of sustainable agricultural practices and conservation, applying these principles in their 4-H projects.

This week-long residential camp aims to provide a comprehensive and enriching experience, equipping inner-city youth with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to explore the field of agriculture and its many opportunities.

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D'Ante Horne, Kansas City, MO



“I was so excited when I caught my first fish ever!  It was amazing that I can have so much fun outside.  I love the camp and this year I will return as a Jr. Peer mentor!” 2016 Jr. Peer Mentor

400 Commission Awards Camp
$2,500 for 2022!

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