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Register on the HOME page.  Print and fill out these forms and return them with your camper on June 28th for 1-day camp or July 19th for 3 days camp!

Professor Robert Bennett with the campers at the Mill Science department.

Historic Nicodemus Kansas National Parks, major contributor

Campers meeting Dr. Myra Gordon, Associate Provost, KSU (major sponsor)

Nicodemus Kansas is the oldest all African American  town west of the Mississippi River from the reconstruction period of the 1870s.  Nicodemus was founded by five men, one of which was a white land surveyor W. R. Hill.  Mr. Hill went on to start his own town, which became the Graham County seat:  Hill City.  Nicodemus was named a National Park in 1996 by President Bill Clinton!

The camp would not be possible without the volunteers that work the camp and also raise money for camper scholarships.


Contact information: Dr. JohnElla Holmes, Camp Director and KSU Liaison
200 Washington St., Nicodemus, KS 67625
(785) 236-9014 Office

Nicodemus Educational Camp

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